6' - 10' Adjustable Upright

6' - 10' Adjustable Upright

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The adjustable uprights are easy to set up at an accurate height with rapid height adjustments. The pipe can be adjusted to any height within the specific model range. These upright fit right into the Base Plate 18″ x 18″ x 3/16″ Light Heavy (17 1/2 lbs). The pipe’s surface has a protective anodized coating. These pipes can be assembled easily with no tools.

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6′ – 10′ Adjustable Upright- 1 Piece
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All Adjustable Uprights require a 2” Diameter Pin for the Base Assembly. Base sold sold separately
• Easy to set up, accurate and rapid height
• Quickly adjusts to any height within the

specific model range
• All adjustable uprights use 2" O.D. pin
• No knobs or wing nuts to adjust
• All tube surfaces have protective anodized

• Slots are located 3/8" from the top leaving

a solid ring for added strength
• No tools required for setup or disassembly
The SLIP-LOCK collar assembly locks automatically when the inner pole is raised vertically to the desired height. As a vertical load is applied downward, the ball-taper lock feature locks tighter. The more pressure applied downward the tighter it will lock.

To release the lock, simply raise the inner pole slightly and lift the release ring. For SAFETY, hold the inner pole firmly while raising or lowering the height.