Wild Tunnels Water Slide Primary Colors WS4521




Wild Tunnels Water Slide Primary Colors WS4521

• Beautiful and eye-catching primary colors
• Large size tunnel
• Great unit length of tunnels
• Scratch resistant body
• Amazing warranty

Soft and Strong body:

The product has the soft body made of high-quality materials. The body is strong enough to bear the maximum weight.
Eye-catching color combination: The color combination of product body design is so beautiful and eye-catching. One will definitely feel relax and energetic with such funky colors.
Easily climbable foot pads: The long and wide footpads help you to climb on the slide easily to pass through the tunnels.

Wide and comfortable tunnels:

The size of tunnels is so reasonable for one to pass through it. The wide and comfortable tunnels make it more fun.

Product Detail:

This Wild Tunnels Water Slide Primary Colors WS4521 by OMGJump is the best choice for summer games. This inflatable product with beautiful colors can be adjusted according to different places. The product has the unit height of 21 feet and 0 inches. While the minimum height required is 36 inches. The length of the product is 43 feet which are easily adjustable at the medium place. The product is 28 feet wide. The weight of the slide is 1,190.00 lbs. The scratch resistant body is quite helpful in many places to increase the product life. The 24 months warranty is a sigh of relief for customers. The product is stitched in such a good way to avoid any air leakage and increase tension between sewing parts. The product has the maximum tolerance of -40 °c low temperature.
I bet you won’t regret after adding this product to your summer games list. You must give it a try.
Happy sliding!


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