18′ Double Drop Slide with slip & Slide




Double Drop and Slide is one piece of our master. It comprises large three rings. Wave theme with cherishing blue color and by keeping in view this is for kids so the dolphins are also added on both sides at the top. Moreover, it comprises of partition between slide so the kids can race with each other.and also prevent them to disturb each other by rotating on slides. You can say it is two water slides in the price of one.
And it makes a feel like once is surfing waves and kids can enjoy their swimmer dreams or hot summer boring day can be passed by playing in it.

This product is passed by quality experts so cannot be punctured easily.

Moreover, it is guaranteed that no leakage will occur and it can be folded and can be put in cupboards just exhale the air out. Bingo and put it in the cupboard. In addition, it has also side walls so your kid is protected from falling and the material is also not too hard to give injury to your loved one.

The water in the pool does not create the mess for people and they can easily drain the water out as it is designed considering all facts and usage. Moreover, it does not prepare by harmful material and tried to refrain from plastic so it because this product to be eco-friendly. So your child plays and also nature is protected from harm.

Moreover, we will advise you not to waste water and save it for our generations. But this product also considered that fact so it does not require a lot of water to become wet.


● Water Surfing theme.
● Dolphins for attractiveness.
● Three Rings.
● Slope with a play area.
● Partition for two people.
● Durable and reliable
● Not easily puncturable
● Foldable and manageable


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