16′ Water Slide Primary WS4108




Our this air 16′ Water Slide Primary WS4108 is specially designed for kids by taking care of that there would be no sharp edges and not dense material is used it prevents the child from injury. It is foldable and all air can be exhaled out. So it fits perfectly in small areas. It rainbow color are eye-pleasuring for kids and parents. And it is also Designed in the USA and kept in mind that the product becomes environment-friendly so we keep lead and PVC compounds far away. So if you are looking forward to buying in bulk it can be a good option and you can sell it out at your own rates which should be plus point for you. We offer discounts on Bulk orders. So if you are also an investor looking to invest money and earn money on autopilot then you are at the right product it can easily be sold because of its feature and attractiveness and its value back product.

No doubt this product is one of our top-notch product and had to pass all quality control test in order to ensure that there are no complaints our client satisfaction is more important to us. If you are conscious about your child and want them to play at home it is also the perfect choice for them. And not also a problem for you that where to store after they done playing. Just exhale the air out and fold it with hand and bingo in your cupboard.

We take great care of our customers. By adding side walls so your child would be also safe from falling down. Moreover, water is easy to manage it not a mess. Big size so the kid can also enjoy freely. We also took care that there should be no PVC and lead and also this product is designed and produced in the USA. You can do many things with this like it can be your child jumping and also be a water slide along with playing area and on hot summer days you can enjoy and cherish your moments on this. Its design is also kept under eye so it cannot be punctured easily by a pin but it can if done intentionally. Moreover, it is also cheaper more than other market brands and also more reliable than that.

Main features:

  • Rainbow colors attractive to look.
  • Foldable and easy to fit at small places.
  • Slope Steep so act as a slide.
  • Ahead of slope some playing area.
  • Sun Roof if its sun in the garden but at the top.
  • Soft material to prevent injury.
  • Sidewall to prevent from falling.
  • Water does not become a headache.
  • Big size so the kid can enjoy.
  • Not easily punctured.
  • Cheaper than other big names.
  • More reliable than other brands.
  • Lead-free high-quality PVC vinyl materials
  • Made in the USA


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