Having a party rental business in your community is a great business venture. People are always planning events and parties, from Birthdays to Weddings. In other words, people love to party and will always seek supplies for their events. Just in California alone, there are over 38 million people! Think about the community you live in! Is there a party supply in your area? We can help you with our four basic steps to having a successful party rental store locally. 

1.Find a location:

Rent, lease or buy a business location with high visibility and access. A high visibility area will increase your customer base due to its high traffic. It is essential to find a place with parking for the convenience of your customers. You will have a competitive advantage just by choosing a highly-trafficked location with fast and easy access. 

2. Create a business plan:

Creating a roadmap for your business allows you to avoid dealing with small issues and lets you focus on more important aspects of your business. Having a business plan opens many doors for you; for example, a business lender will be more willing to lend you money once you have a written plan. Don’t forget, always stick to your plan, and things will work out accordingly.

3. Market and advertise your business:

 In this digital age, it is fundamental to have a digital footprint for your business. Do not stay behind your competition; you must develop a website, social media business profile, and create an email database. Always have an advertising budget and target audience; this will allow you to use your money wisely on your defined audience in your community. Another way to advertise your company locally is through your local paper, believe it, or not many people still navigate the local paper.

4. Hire experienced staff: 

Hiring an experienced customer service representative will allow you to grow your business. It is critical to have a professional representing you and your business to create a better outlook for your company.

Having a party rental business is an excellent opportunity for you! At OMG Jump, we help businesses grow every day and supply them with everything to be successful. We have been manufacturing inflatables since 2000 and will continue to be an industry leader. If you grow, we grow with you. We have many options like financing and layaway available to facilitate the growth of your business.

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